Name Badges

Details of each badge is on the description page. with the STANDARD colours of the wings, edge and background etc. You can have ANY colour for your name or other part of the text, but if you want any other part of the badge to be a different colour to this, or if you want the badge to be a specified size, then it becomes an X badge and you must give us all these relevant details. If you don’t tell us, then we will make it to STANDARD colours and you cannot return it!! Likewise, if you want a specific layout or size, you MUST tell us and we will do our best to simulate it. Remember, text will get smaller the more there is.

The badges vary in size according to the wing size, generally 113mm overall (RCP is 126mm) wide and with one line of text is 63 to 69 mm. The PL badges are a specific size (see the detail list) and where suitable, we use one of these as the background. This will give the badge ROUNDED corners, whereas if we make a special background for an X badge then it will have square corners. (This is because the merrowing on X badges is guided by hand, and getting all four corners to have a matching curve isn’t guaranteed!) To a certain extent we can reduce the size of the wings.

There is a limit, as the stitch pattern itself isn’t altered, merely stitched closer together, so there is a point where it is too close, and it ‘bunches’, however, we will do our best if you want ‘miniaturised’ wings for children for example, and we can generally reduce the wingspan to 40mm – 50mm. Anything that isn’t our standard pattern is an X badge. Special layouts can take quite a long time on the computer, manoeuvring the bits and pieces together to make up the design, and may incur extra charges. This includes CIRCULAR badges. Almost ANYTHING is possible, but miracles cost more!! Sizes vary and the badges displayed are not to scale. We will produce to the size the wing and your writing dictates. If you require a certain size, tell us the size you want and we will make badge as near as possible.

The reference numbers are under each badge. A standard badge has set colours as on the description page. An X after the wing type refers to modifications to the badge. i. e. without crown and wings a different colour or a different coloured background or edge.



All standard WING and LOGO badges with ONE line of text are £7.50p
With TWO lines of text £8.50p
With THREE lines of text £9.50p
PL1 one line text only badges are £5.00p and
PL2/3/4 are £5.50 for 2 lines, £6.50 for 3 lines, £7.50 for 4 lines of text.
PLXs are £5.50 for 1 line, £6.50 for 2 lines, £7.50 for 3 lines, £8.50 for 4 lines.
Oversize badge priced according to the size/amount of text.

AIRCRAFT/balloon badges with ONE line of text are £8.50p
With TWO lines of text £9.50p
With THREE lines of text £10.50p
Simple CIRCULAR badges, text only £9.00p, with logo/text £11.00p

A mixed compilation i.e. wings, plus aircraft, plus text is £12.00p
TAPES 1”/25mm wide TB, TG, TW are £4.00p each.
Curved Shoulder flashes £6 for one, £10 for a pair.
Allow £2 extra for anything that requires a lot of fiddling about!!
METALLIC gold or silver thread is an extra 30% for part of the badge and 50% if used for the entire badge.
Their type generally dictates aircraft colours, but we will try and accommodate your preferences.

Black, white or green Velcro®Brand Fasteners can be stitched to the back of the badge for £1.00p, and the matching loop side can be supplied for 70p.
POSTAGE: £2.00 per complete order to UK, £3.00 to Europe and £4 outside Europe. This postage covers any number of badges from one to one hundred.


Name badge plain
PL badges: Plain badge backgrounds that you can choose or substitute for the above:
PL1 = 4 ½ x 1 ¼” Colours are: Black ground with either gold or white or blue or metallic gold edge and Nato green ground+ black edge.
PL2 = 4 ½ x 2 ¼” Colours same as PL1, PLUS: Navy Ground with Navy edge. Also Desert Tan ground+tan edge.
PL3 = 4 ¼ x 2 ½” Colours same as PL1. PLUS: Navy Ground with Navy edge.
PL4 = 4 ½ x 3 ¼” Colours same as PL1.
PL1 takes one line of lettering, PL2 Takes two lines, PL3 Takes 3 lines, PL4 takes three/4 lines.
You can have any colour writing, this can be different on each line if required.
PL1 badges are £4.50p with one line of text
PL2/3/4 are £5.00 for two lines of text, £6 for three lines of text, £7 for four lines of text.
Plain name badge type x
PLx: Any colours: background/edge/text.
PLXs are £5 with one line of text, £6.00 for two lines of text, £7 for three lines of text, £8 for four lines of text.

name tape
TB: Black tape. TG: Green tape. TW: White tape 1”/25mm wide. Lettering can be in any colour. £4. each