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A  programme to make a special logo for a badge is one time charge. The logos shown above would cost approximately 35.  If the logo is used on a standard oblong name badge, each badge will cost 7 with one line of text, 8 with two lines, and 9 with three lines. If a special layout is made, such as this circular one shown here, the cost would vary depending on work involved, and number of badges required. See also custom  DIGITIZING
NAME BADGE WITH LOGO name badge with logo
Company and club logos can be produced with the aid of a programme. Simple programmes, such as the logo on the McCarthy badge or the S and A on the Streamline badge  would cost around 35.
More complicated ones, such as the Tutima logo here,  would be approximately 50. This is a one-time charge. The badges are then made at the wing-name-badge prices.
Mono made name badge

We can manufacture 50 badges to your company design at less cost on one of our multi-head embroidery machines. We can leave space for name or job title as required. The price of these will depend on size, colours, and  stitch coverage.
Check our manufacturing pricing chart.
Then we add names, job title etc. as and when you need them, singly at an additional cost of 3 per badge.
Please note:You do not have to be an aviation company to have your badges designed and manufactured by us!
Prodution name badge
Hook side Velcro can be sewn to the back of a badge for an extra cost of  £1.00p per badge. We can also supply the matching loop side for you to sew to the garment for 50p per badge. We can supply Nato green, black or white. If you do not specify a colour, we will fit which we consider appropriate.
name badge, Velcro
For info and the purchase of Velcro click here.

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