The following are the reference letters of the badges with a brief description. Mark your order with the starting reference..i.e. CIVC.  and tell us the colour that you want your text in.  The colours stated here are the recognised colours for that type of wings. IF you want any variation on the normal colours, i.e. a different colour background, or a different colour wings, then mark it an X badge, and we will need ALL the colours..including the wings, and if it is to be a specific size, then indicate that as well. If you want a style, or lettering layout copied as far as is possible, make a sketch as accurate as you can. AND, if you think that there will be repeat orders for the same style/layout, tell us, and we will keep a copy of it on file. Note: the wings are the standard issued size which makes the badges approximately 4½" wide overall. (Radio control pilot is 5 inches wide). Depth will vary according to the amount of customer lettering, one line plus wings will make a badge approximately 2½" to 2¾" deep.

AAC: Army Air Corps: Blue wings, gold lion etc. Black ground-white edge.
AC: Air Cadet Gull: Navy ground-Navy edge. White text. A=Golden bird: B=Sky blue bird: C=Royal blue bird.
AC FS: Air Cadet Flying Scholarship: Navy ground-Navy edge. Light blue wings/FS, Gold A C.
AC GS: Air Cadets Gliding Scholarship: Navy ground-Navy edge. White text. GS=Royal blue wings: S=Sky blue wings: A=Golden wings.
AST: Astronaut non-military participant: Gold wings. Royal blue ground-gold edge.
BALLOON: See in aircraft section. Can be any colours to choice in horizontal panels.
CIV C: Civilian pilot:  Black ground-gold edge. Cream wings. Green wreath.
CIV G: Civilian Pilot: Black ground-gold edge. Golden wings. Brown wreath. .
FAA: Fleet Air Arm:  Black ground-gold edge, Gold wings.  White anchor.
GL: Glider pilot: Black ground-blue edge. Lt blue wings/G. Darker blue wreath.
HELICOPTER WINGS: Same as Glider wings but H in centre. ANY colours to choice.
Medical symbols: We do Air Ambulance Flyingwings with the medical star in the centre, and we do the winged staff/snake as shown. We require proof for these, i.e. a printed letterhead.
MICROLIGHT: Same as Glider but M in centre. ANY colours to choice. ANY LETTER can be put in the wreath.
PAR: Para. Maroon ground-lt blue edge. Lt blue wings. White ‘chute. .
PAR REGT: Para Regiment: Maroon grnd-lt blue edge. S/grey wings/chute/crown/lion. .
PAR SQ : Modern Square type ‘chute: ANY colours to choice.
PL badges: Plain badge backgrounds that you can choose or substitute for the above:  
PL1 = 4 ½ x 1 ¼"/115 x 33mm Colours: Black ground with either gold, white, blue or metallic gold edge and Nato green ground+ black edge.
PL2 = 4 ½ x 2 ¼"/115 x 53mm Colours same as PL1, PLUS: Navy Ground with Navy edge. Also  Desert Tan ground+tan edge.
PL3 = 4 ¼ x 2 ½"/110 x 64mm Colours same as PL1.  PLUS: Navy Ground with Navy edge.
PL4 = 4 ½ x 3 ¼"/115 x 83mm Colours same as PL1.
PPL:Licensed Private Pilot: Black grnd-gold edge. Gold wings. Green wreath. Red PPL.  
RAF K: RAF wings Kings crown (up to1952): Black ground-gold edge. Cream wings. Brown wreath. Cream RAF.
RAF Q: RAF Queens crown (1963 on): Colours as RAF K.  
RAF H: RAF half-wing: Colours as RAF K. ANY letter in wreath (i.e. N, B, AG, AE etc) .
RCP: Radio Control Pilot: Black ground-white edge. Cream wings. Yellow RC. White Pilot. Green wreath. 
The RCP Layout can also be used for other types i.e. PARAMOTOR,  PARAGLIDER,   MICROLIGHT, Etc. etc.
RFC: Royal Flying Corps: Same colours as RAF K. .
SPANNER: A spanner: Any colours to choice.
TB: Black tape: Text can be any colour to choice.
TG: Military green tape: Text can be any colour to choice.
TW:  White tape: Text can be any colour to choice.
UJ : Union Jack: Standard red/white/blue colour flag.Rest to your choice.
UJ X: Flag can be drab (Black/green) or desert (Tan/brown). Rest to your choice.
USA: American Air Force: Black ground-silvergrey edge. Silver grey wings.  
USN: US Navy: Black ground-gold edge. Gold wings.  
VGSC: Vol. Gliding School WITH crown. Black ground-lt blue edge. Lt blue wings/crown. D/ blue ring.
VGSN: VGS as above but WITHOUT crown. .
WX X: Wing pattern as shown. Any letter/text can be put between, and above/below in any colour to choice.


Do not forget to tell us what colour you would like your name, text (or whatever).

All standard WING and LOGO badges with ONE line of text are £7.50p
With TWO lines of text £8.50p
With THREE lines of text £9.50p
PL1 one line text only badges are £5.00p and
PL2/3/4 are £5.50p for 2 lines, £6.50p for 3 lines, £7.50p for 4 lines of text.
PLXs are £5.50p for 1 line, £6.50p for 2 lines, £7.50p for 3 lines, £8.50p for 4 lines.
Oversize badge priced according to the size/amount of text.

AIRCRAFT/balloon badges with ONE line of text are £8.50p
With TWO lines of text £9.50p
With THREE lines of text £10.50p
Simple CIRCULAR badges, text only £9.00p, with logo/text £11.00p

A mixed compilation i.e. wings, plus aircraft, plus text is £12.00p
TAPES 1''/25mm wide TB, TG, TW are £4.00p each.
Curved Shoulder flashes £6 for one, £10 for a pair.
Allow £2 extra for anything that requires a lot of fiddling about!!
METALLIC gold or silver thread is an extra 25% for part of the badge and 50% if used for the entire badge.
Their type generally dictates aircraft colours, but we will try and accommodate your preferences.

Black, white or green VelcroBrand Fasteners can be stitched to the back of the badge for £1.00p, and the matching loop side can be supplied for 50p.

POSTAGE: 2.00 per complete order to UK, 3.00 to Europe and 4 outside Europe.
This postage covers any number of badges from one to one hundred.

HOW TO ORDER. Fax, Post, or E-mail. Quote the reference (i. e. RAFK or USN) and lay the lettering out how you want it to come out and the colour. Send pictures as JPEG, keep the picture size below 700 KB. Note: Colour display varies on different computers so if it is critical to your badge, name the colour i.e. Navy blue and purple often display as black. If it is an X badge, indicate ALL the colours...including the background. For simple badges and simple names you may 'phone. Weekdays 9 till 1 and 2 till 5.
Please print VERY clearly, the stitching cannot be unpicked and re-done!!
If YOU REQUIRE THE FINISHED BADGE TO BE A SPECIFIC SIZE...STATE THIS CLEARLY. We will attempt to get as close to the size as possible subject to your lettering.
Don't forget to tell us the colour of the name and, if it is an X badge, the colour of the background….edge….. wings… crown…. wreath….. and anything else! Lettering can be in bold print or italic, in upper or lower case. If you want a specific size or layout, tell us and we will do our best to accommodate you. We can stitch hook Velcro to the badge and supply the loop side, black, white or Nato green, for the garment. Don’t forget your name and address, and telephone number, and please don’t forget the postage.
Payment may be made in Sterling only, by cheque/Postal Order/Money Order/cash or credit/debit cards - Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Maestro or Solo. If the credit card holder has a different name /address to you.…please give it. We MUST have the expiry date, AND the security number from the back of the card, and, for Switch & Solo cards we also need the ISSUE number, or, if it has no Issue number, then the start date as well. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Cheques payable to Stewart Emblems. If sending cash use registered post. We air mail worldwide. You may use the split email option and pay with your Visa, Mastercard, Solo or Switch card. You can E-mail your order with half the card number to and other half with expiry date to If you use a PO Box number please give the street address of the card. Please be assured any information you give us we will not be used to send you any unsolicited mail or pass on to any other person or third party. This information is only to check with the card company that it is official use of your card. These details are not held on a computer database. Exchange daily rate  is on the Internet at

TEL:+44 (0)1536 770962
(09.00 till 13.00 and 14.00 till 17.00 weekdays UK time. Closed Fridays.)
FAX:+44 (0)1536 770180

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